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Beyond Lucid Technologies's Origin Story:

In early 2011, we took to the road (literally, driving cross-country) to learn about the Emergency Medical Services market -- i.e., ambulance services, paratransit, fire, and the emerging discipline called Community Paramedicine (or Mobile Integrated Health) -- and began by assuming we knew nothing.  As technologists, we wanted to learn about needs that weren't already being met.  What features and functions would make users' lives easier, their jobs safer and measurably more productive? MEDIVIEW™ is the sum of our findings, and as the industry continues to evolve, so does our software.

BLT's success will always be dedicated to William Paxton Witt III and Sarah Elizabeth Witt.  They might still be alive if, after their tragic car wreck, 300 miles outside Albuquerque – where the distance between care facilities is extensive – the EMS team could notify the receiving hospital about their transport, activate the necessary triage teams, start treatment in the field under the guidance of medical directors, and basically jump-start the sacred business of saving lives. Rural medicine will therefore always be a critical focus for us. 

By contrast, Jonathon joined the U.S. Army Reserve on 9-11-2011.  He was training to become a Combat Medic (91W), but because he has Tourette's Syndrome, he was discharged early.  The plight and heroism of the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and guardsmen who volunteer to defend the rest of us left a special scar: when he met Chris, Jonathon was developing a rapid diagnostic and treatment technology for PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury.  A conversation with the Department of Defense's U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine proved critical.  The program manager, "We like the idea, but don't know enough about our patients to do therapeutics.  Can you focus on diagnostics?"  

So BLT pivoted in our earliest days, and looked toward the emergency services process – what we found was an operational hornet's nest: just as the American medical establishment is fractured into hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, and other treatment facilities tend not to communicate with one another, so too the EMS ecosystem become fractured, with incompatible software often built in-house to solve local problems without a broader view, and incumbents that had grown so large by acquisition that they no longer provided meaningful client service.   

Across the U.S., we’ve met with users and buyers of EMS-facing technologies, including disaster experts, EMS chiefs and fire captains, nurses and site safety managers.  Some First Responders on the frontlines of human lifesaving were unaware that the state of technology today means better is possible than their 20+ year-old software "solutions."  Others knew more efficient systems were available but thought they would be cost-prohibitive, proprietary, and non-interoperable. The more that EMS and Fire departments seek to take their rightful place at the healthcare table, the more valuable BLT's technologies become.


Steadfastly yours,

Jonathon Feit                                Christian Witt

      Co-Founder & Chief Executive       Co-Founder, President & CTO 

Jonathon S. Feit, MBA, MA — Co-Founder & Chief Executive

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Jonathon Feit is Co-Founder & Chief Executive of Beyond Lucid Technologies, a software company that connects ambulances and hospitals prior to the patient's arrival, and documents patients' prehospital care over time. The next phase of BLT's business connects vehicles directly with ambulances after a crash, so that for the first time, information about the people involved in a crash (not just the vehicle) will be known by emergency responders before they arrive on-scene. A widely published marketing expert focused on new media and the strategic use of information technology, Jonathon has presented to audiences that include Health 2.0, the Arizona MIH 360 Summit, the Society of Trauma Nurses, the Skolkovo Foundation (Moscow), Young Investors International, the International Roundtable on Community Paramedicine, the Northwest Arkansas Trauma Symposium. In 2009, Jonathon was honored to serve as an MBA Intern in the White House Office of Management & Budget (Performance & Personnel Management division), where he helped spearhead the redesign and relaunch of – the “Face of Federal Hiring.”

At Beyond Lucid Technologies, Jonathon has forged market-facing collaborations with Dell, AthenaHealth, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Telamon, Conduent / Xerox Government Solutions, and other major corporations. He has led Beyond Lucid Technologies to profitability, acceptance into the CommonWell Health Alliance as its first EMS-facing member, and critical acclaim as winner of both the EMS World Innovation Award (2014) and JEMS Hot Product award (2015).  Jonathon has been featured in Inc. Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, and the Harvard Business Review, among many other press outlets (see below).

Prior to BLT, Jonathon co-founded and published Citizen Culture, the world's first all-digital print-form magazine, and With This Ring, the first all-inclusive weddings magazine. From 2004-2008 he was the youngest member of the American Society of Magazine Editors. In 2005 he became the youngest Faculty appointee in Boston University's College of Communication. He is a member of the National Press Club (USA), with an extensive consumer business and trade publications list that includes,, Mediabistro, Advertising Age, 944 Los Angeles, EMS World, and The Health Care Blog. He is a columnist for JEMS (Journal of EMS) and was a finalist for the 2010 WPP Fellowship.

Jonathon has Tourette’s Syndrome and is passionate about advocating on behalf of people with disabilities. Concurrent with his professional activities, and following a short term in the U.S. Army Reserve, he engaged in scholarly research on the etiology and treatment of psychiatric disorders including Post-Traumatic Stress. He has presented original papers before the World Congress of Psychosomatic Medicine (2009) and the American Academy of Religion (2004), and edited a textbook chapter on the pharmacological treatment of epilepsy. Jonathon holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School of Business, and a Combined BA/MA cum laude in “Psychology, Religion, and Conflict Negotiations” from Boston University. He earned graduate certificates in Mediation from the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at the Pepperdine School of Law, and in Entrepreneurship Development from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

BLT and DELL Partner on Anti-Bullying PSA:

Christian C. Witt, MBA — Co-Founder, President/Chief Technology Officer

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Christian Witt is Co-Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer of Beyond Lucid Technologies. Chris began his career as an engineer working in computer-related fields pertaining to semiconductor devices, Internet applications, custom software, and custom hardware, and he has a variety of technical roles at two startups and several blue-chip companies including Hewlett-Packard, Northrop Grumman, and Boeing Corporation, where he occupied escalating program management roles. Among Chris's technical specialties is the acquisition and processing of simultaneous complex data streams: at Boeing, he developed several multi-million dollar augmented reality systems that integrate input data from up to 15 separate sensors to increase combat awareness for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The development of one of these systems, a wire detection system for helicopters, led to the acquisition of a billion-dollar contract from the US Government in 2005.

Following this success, in 2007 he was named program manager of a new Boeing initiative and led his team to receive a $25 million grant to invest in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles. During business school at Carnegie Mellon University, Chris worked on the team responsible for the integration of National City Bank payment products into PNC Bank. At Beyond Lucid Technologies, in addition to being principally responsible for the company's forward-looking financial statements and enterprise resource planning, he oversees the engineering department. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Brigham Young University, and an MBA from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.

David P. Saylor, MEng — Chief Engineer

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David Saylor is Chief Engineer of Beyond Lucid Technologies. He is widely considered to be among the foremost experts on prehospital data—especially NEMSIS compliance and integrations—in the United States today. His technical expertise is in software architecture and building scalable, distributed systems; he also speaks and writes business-level Japanese fluently. Immediately after graduation from MIT, David began work as a software engineer at Teradyne, a multinational semiconductor testing corporation, at their Asia design center in Japan, where his bilingual ability became a key asset for communicating between American and Japanese development teams.

Soon thereafter he assumed a project management role, gathering requirements directly from customers and leading the work of Japanese software engineers as well as contracted engineers in India. Later, he was hired as a project lead at another B-to-B company in Japan, developing distributed, real-time, data-driven software for hotels and other hospitality industry organizations.  David is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and holds with both Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Michael R. Onkst — Director of Training & Process Improvement

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Michael Onkst is Director of Training & Process Improvement at Beyond Lucid Technologies. He joins BLT with 20 years of prehospital transport experience as a EMT/CCEMT-P for both ground and air operations. Most recently, Mike served 16 years at Air Methods Corporation, working for and alongside some of the most talented health care professionals in Critical Care. He was responsible for the oversight and management of a Health Care Quality Assurance and Compliance application that he developed in 2005 which is now used nationwide in both Community and Hospital based operations to help medical flight programs improve the quality of patient care and manage daily issues reported from flight operations.

Mike was a Flight Paramedic at Air Methods, where he provided critical care to patients within the Commonwealth of Kentucky for 9 years prior to moving into management for at the technology firm Vioxio. Before that, I was an EMT/Paramedic for a high volume 911 service in Richmond, KY while also working part time for a large Cardiology practice in Lexington, KY running an EECP (Enhanced External Counterpulsation) lab. Mike holds a degree in Emergency Medical Care from Eastern Kentucky University, and is an experienced web developer with skills in Coldfusion, Flex, Javascript, IOS Development and MSSQL.

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