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A Blog by the Biggest Geeks in the Room

Release notes pertaining to MEDIVIEW 2016 version

by admin on Thursday, November 23, 2017 3:24 PM
  • Optimization of dispatch call import and view
  • Fix opening the popup when the combobox header is clicked.
  • Change manner by which data is revealed on popups
  • Filtering of facilities based on agency criteria is active in Mobile.
  • Modified NEMSIS v2 classes, output and validation logic with respect to Hub.
  • Fix an issue pertaining to destination selection and the record management screen.
  • Fixed erroneous requirement to fill in complaint duration when call was cancelled. 
  • Modified rules regarding check of chief complaint duration for certain call types. 
  • Modified NEMSIS V3 translation, validation, and Schematron files with respect to Hub.
  • Fixed issue regarding "Set Record Status" button on Record Management screen.
  • Corrected issue involving certain physical assessment types to ensure smooth data transition between MOBILE and HUB.
  • Updated data that is inputted via Patient Search (past ePCRs) to include CMS Info and Patient Transport Assessment.
  • Added "busy" indicator to validation control popup in Hub
  • Modified how system handles errors identified during validation
  • Modified GPS initialization and calculation methods
  • [Arizona] Adding a selector for the station number, per request and for reporting.
  • [Arkansas] Added Counts & Percentages -- Trauma Calls Report.
  • [Arkansas] added requirement for Trauma Band #.
  • [Arkansas] Changed label from "Trauma registry to Trauma Band #".
  • [Arkansas] Fix an issue regarding import of ZIP code from Firehouse CAD
  • [Colorado] Added a set of fields to define the cities in the agency service area as needed for import from Spillman CAD).
  • [Colorado] Implemented import of New World CAD data.
  • [Minnesota] Modified complaint rules, per request.
  • [New Mexico]  Added NM Schematron rules.
  • [South Carolina] Fixed validation bypass issue for PREMIS rules.
  • [South Carolina] Added "Destination" column to record management screen, per request.


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