Fire and Emergency Medical Response Agencies



MEDIVIEW™ Mobile is designed to pay for itself by:

  • Cost savings: Reduce paperwork, documentation time, and turnaround time at the ED
  • Clinical care: Ensure medics are maximally informed, ensuring patient and provider safety

  • Quality: Improve ePCR quality and completeness, for faster billing and lower liability risk

  • Communication: Move prehospital data out of the rig and into the hospital, in 30 seconds

  • Resilience: Designed for use during disasters, system works offline when network crashes

Some have simply called MEDIVIEW™ Mobile "next gen" technology or an "ePCR on steroids."  

The ePCR lead at one of the industry's largest incumbents called it "the first all-in-one solution for EMS." 

The Journal of EMS (JEMS) asked, "How cool would it be if you could use an intuitive, touch-screen tablet to capture the data and have it securely transmitted to the receiving hospital in real time? The new MEDIVIEW™ Mobile...does that and many other tasks."


MEDIVIEW™ is the first electronic patient care record system to include online-offline GPS for satellite-based turn-by-turn navigation even without an Internet connection; the ePCR uses GPS to fill in the incident and patient records within seconds.   Built-in telehealth technology lets medics capture imagery from the scene -- including a patient's ID and billing details -- then pre-register the patient into the ED ahead of ambulance arrival.


Care providers from EMS and Fire to hospitals have asked for user-friendly, easily deployable, configurable solutions that will "close the gaps" between the field, the hospital, and across an Accountable Care Organization.  MEDIVIEW™ Mobile does just this in a NEMSIS Gold-certified, HIPAA-compliant fashion.  It includes protocol and signature documents, quality validation tools, and record management; exports to billing; and supports a wide variety of devices (including AEDs and CADs).  

Finally: MEDIVIEW™ is designed for use during periods of "maximum system stress," such as mass casualty events and natural disasters, and it maintains situational awareness "without skipping a beat" even when communication networks crash and other ePCRs – which rely on an Internet connection – stop working.  This makes MEDIVIEW™ critical for EMS agencies operating in rural environments and where severe weather is a frequent occurrence. 


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