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Hardware Specifications

BLT is the first EMS-facing ePCR / technology firm to publish prices, and our consulting team can even help you objectively evaluate a variety of ePCR and dispatch software options to find a solution that best suits your agency's needs. MEDIVIEW™ works on most Windows devices, but BLT does not warranty any hardware. The following are recommended specs for running our software.  Contact us for a compatibility and/or hardware readiness assessment if your computers do not meet the following specifications:


  • 8GB RAM — the higher the better (16GB is better than 8GB...maximize the computer's capacity)
  • 1-2 integrated webcams
  • Quad core processor (i5 or greater)
  • Windows 7 or later (for MEDIVIEW™ MOBILE)
  • Web browser that supports Silverlight (for MEDIVIEW™ HUB, except Care Facility Access Portal)
  • Any web browser (for Care Facility Access Portal and other ASP.NET components)
  • Integrated GPS chipset
  • WiFi and/or cellular network connectivity
  • Multitouch touchscreen
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • 1366 x 768 screen resolution 
  • 128GB solid state hard drive
  • OPTIONAL: Integrated GPS chipset
  • We strongly suggest using Mozilla Firefox with the Extended Service Pack, or Internet Explorer.  Contact BLT support for the correct Firefox version downloader.

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