The video above was showcased during the 2017 Pinnacle EMS Conference by Kevin McGinnis, Board Member of the
federal First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) and CEO/Chief at North East Mobile Health Services.

"Stealth Mode" Innovation Overview:

HALCYON Post-Crash Intelligence by Beyond Lucid Technologies, is a patent-pending software application that builds on the architecture of BLT's MEDIVIEW™ Beacon prehospital health information exchange. Whereas services like OnStar provide information about what happened to a vehicle during a crash, only HALCYON Post-Crash Intelligence will provide critical health details about the occupants of the vehicle to emergency responders before they arrive at the crash scene. Getting this information to Fire & EMS agencies even before they arrive will ensure the most efficient and informed triage of the vehicle's occupants, enabling dispatch of the approach resources quickly, saving lives and reducing the costs of post-crash care. 

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