The following video was showcased during the 2017 Pinnacle EMS Conference by Kevin McGinnis, Board Member of the federal First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) and CEO/Chief at North East Mobile Health Services.

Innovation Overview:

HALCYON Post-Crash Intelligence by Beyond Lucid Technologies, is a patent-pending software application that builds on the architecture of BLT's MEDIVIEW™ Beacon prehospital health information exchange. Whereas services like OnStar, HUM by Verizon, and Automatic provide information about what happened to a vehicle during a crash, only HALCYON Post-Crash Intelligence will provide critical health details about the occupants of the vehicle -- including current status, relevant medical history, allergies and medications, next of kin, physician information, and more -- to emergency responders before they arrive at the crash scene.

Getting this information to Fire & EMS agencies even before they arrive will ensure the most efficient and informed triage of the vehicle patient-occupants, enabling dispatch of the approach resources quickly, saving lives and (we believe) reducing both near- and long-term costs of post-crash care.

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